How to Install Samba / CIFS ZFS Sharing on Solaris 11

Samba / CIFS Sharing on Solaris 11 hostname: server1 username: user1 poolname: datapool1 mountpoint: /datapool1 share: servershare Install SMB server package : [root@server1 ~] pkg install service/file-system/smb or [root@server1 ~] pkg install SUNWsmbs   Create the name of the share : [root@server1 ~] zfs set share=name=servershare,path=/datapool1,prot=smb datapool1 Turn on sharing using zfs : [root@server1 ~] […]

Create Virtual IP on Solaris

1) create /etc/hostname.<interfacename>:<n> containing the hostname of the virtual IP (For Pemanent Reserved) example: bash-3.2# touch/etc/hostname.igb0:1 bash-3.2# /etc/hostname.igb0:1 2) add the hostname and virtual IP to /etc/hosts example: ::1 localhost localhost domainname loghost 3) use the following commands to configure the interface: ifconfig <interfacename>:<n> plumb example: bash-3.2# ifconfig igb0:1 plumb ifconfig <interfacename>:<n> <IP address> […]