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Solved timthumb images on different domain

Here is the error result once i try to view the image :

remote host “” not allowed
Query String : src=
TimThumb version : 1.16

I try to use different domain to serve my image store on wordpress. I found the blog that explained how to use other domain to serve only the image store. I follow Techtipsgeek, but when i done to setup everything, then i refresh my blog, my thumbs image wont display correctly, as the above error when i view the image file.

So i try to googling more, and i found the keywords that match the solved. “Timthumbs different domain”, and the search result given me the solve that pointing me to this Blog. Jeremy provide the timthumb.php script for wordpress MU. When i replace my timthumbs.php on my blog to Jeremy script, then Awesome!! the thumbnails is showed again.. Foila!!

Thanks so much to Jeremy who provide this script 🙂