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How to Sharing Folder between two solaris 10 using NFS

I have two solaris server :


I want to share /data from to /data on :

@ :

– Command to sharing /data folder with read and write access :

bash-3.2# share -F nfs -o rw /data

– Change permission for /data, i want to share it to all person on my server environtment :

bash-3.2# chmod -R 777 /data

– Enabling the NFS server :

bash-3.2# svcadm -v enable -r network/nfs/server

@ :

-Now we need to mounting the NFS server shared folder :

bash-3.2# mount -F nfs /data

-Check the new mounted shared folder:

bash-3.2# df -kh

Result : 29G 8.0G 21G 28% /data

-Make it permanent, put the newline in the bottom, and save it :

bash-3.2# vi /etc/vfstab – /data nfs – yes rw,soft

-Test the vfstab :

bash-3.2# umount /data
bash-3.2# mount -a
bash-3.2# df -kh

result : 29G 8.0G 21G 28% /data

Ok that’s it how to make sharing folder on solaris 10.