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How to Install Samba / CIFS ZFS Sharing on Solaris 11

Samba / CIFS Sharing on Solaris 11

hostname: server1
username: user1
poolname: datapool1
mountpoint: /datapool1
share: servershare

Install SMB server package :

[root@server1 ~] pkg install service/file-system/smb


[root@server1 ~] pkg install SUNWsmbs


Create the name of the share :

[root@server1 ~] zfs set share=name=servershare,path=/datapool1,prot=smb datapool1

Turn on sharing using zfs :

[root@server1 ~] zfs set sharesmb=on datapool1

Turn on your smb server :

[root@server1 ~] svcadm enable -r smb/server

Check that the share if its active :

[root@server1 ~] smbadm show-shares server1
Enter password:
c$ Default Share
IPC$ Remote IPC
3 shares (total=3, read=3)

Enable an existing UNIX user for CIFS sharing (you may have to reset the password again eg.`passwd user1` )

[root@server1 ~] smbadm enable-user user1

Edit pam to allow for smb authentication (add line to end of file)

[root@server1 ~] vi /etc/pam.conf

other password required nowarn

Try to mount the share on your Windows machine :