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Apache State Lockf

Today, i got report from my friend, and he said , hey bro what the hell happen with my apache state when i type ‘top’ command. Wew the state status given lockf status, i dont know exactly it is, but people said it our webserver will be slow when accessed, because it still test server, we dont feel like that.

The first time i did is looking into the http-error.log , and found :


We just change our server name. We keep following others blog and forum, and we found it because our miscounfiguration SSL, so we remark the

#Include etc/apache22/extra/httpd-ssl.conf

from the httpd.conf, and restart the apache.


And awesome, it fixed now.. maybe if you get something like that, it because ur ssl misconfiguration, or if you did’nt use it, just turn it off from the httpd-conf.