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Solaris 11 – Migrate RPOOL from Basic LDOM to LDOM HA provisioned by Oracle Opscenter

Ldomha1 is created by Oracle Opscenter:

hostname Kfapp1 is the Source (Existing LDOM)

And hostname Ldomha1 is a Target (New LDOM)

hostname Solaris is The Global Zone (CDOM)



Create the zfs snapshot rpool

Share the ZFS NFS

Copy the zpool.cache and snapshot file into the Shared  ZFS directory

Read the Bootfs name

Ldom 1st disk name


From the CDOM OS, telnet  to ldomha1 that been provisioned from opscenter before

Setting the network on first vnet using ifconfig command

Check the network, Ping to Gateway

Mount the Source NFS rpool/snaps to mnt

Recreate the root pool from zpool.cache Source

Restore the root pool from snapshot file

Set bootfs properti di root pool BE

Install the bootblocks

Reboot OS

The Network Configuration is set same like the Source Configuration, so its transitioned to maintenance

Change the Network configuration in /etc/hosts

Reboot the OS to refresh the OS services

The OS is ready to use.



Increase Solaris 11 Swap

Increase swap size on Solaris 11 without rebooting. Check the default swap list # swap -l swapfile             dev    swaplo   blocks     free /dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/swap 124,2         8  2097144  2097144 Check the rpool swap size # zfs get volsize rpool/swap NAME        PROPERTY  VALUE    SOURCE rpool/swap  volsize   1G       local Delete the default swap # swap -d /dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/swap Check the swaplist […]